Airbrake Bug Tracker

Airbrake is the leading bug tracking software for exception handling, issue tracking, and error handling.

There is no perfect code! Airbrake helps web and mobile developers build better products through its detailed reports on errors, bugs, exceptions and issues, including their frequency, time of occurrence and the bit of code involved.

Airbrake provides error tracking for +50,000 developers and supports 18 programming languages including PHP, Python, Java, .net and Ruby.

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Ranger Uptime Monitor.

Systems often go down. Ranger checks your server uptime, system uptime and website uptime then notifies you to be the first to know if anything goes down.

Stay tuned for uptime monitoring for all your apps later this year.

Ranger makes uptime monitoring so easy!

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Metrics App Stats

Backed by open-source we'll soon be making it easy to send metrics to Exceptional.

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Data Is Important!

Exceptional tools provide you with all the data that you need to build bug-free products, expand your users’ base and satisfy your customers.

One Dashboard For All Tools

Find all the data you need from Airbrake, Ranger, Metrics and other upcoming tools in 1 dashboard where you can filter, search, browse and more.

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